Tuesday, February 24, 2015

DIY: Painting the Exterior of Our House

This post is from our previous house, but I thought I'd share it anyway. Since we are always on a budget, we decided to paint the exterior of our house, ourselves. That is, with my parents' help of course!

When we bought the house, it was baby blue with white trim and had dark blue shutters, front door and garage door. We almost didn't even go to look at this house because my husband hated the look of the exterior! But after some persuading, we did look at it and put in an offer. The first thing we did was put on a new roof, in dark brown.

The house had been freshly painted right before we bought it, so we didn't have to do much prep work in order for the paint to stick. We used rollers for very textured walls and paint brushes to go around the windows.

It was a family affair, my mom, was of course, there to help.

  ....And my dad. We are lucky to have them!

With the four of us working on it together,  it didn't take very long, two days to do two coats of paint.

 We dug away some of the dirt up against the house in order to paint to the very bottom of the walls.

                           For an accent color, we chose this deep, rich red. I loved the contrast. 

I used a small foam roller to paint the doors, and beforehand I used a wool sanding square to rough up the surfaces so the paint would stick.

The old blue shutters broke when we took them off, so I decided to make my own.

 We used some old wood that my parents had laying around after they tore down a wooden fence. I love the look of old wood, plus it was free! You can't get much better then that.

After cutting them to length with our Compound Miter Saw, We used a nail gun to hold them together, then added screws to make them stronger. 

Next, I painted them our red accent color and hung them using special screws for brick.

The total cost for this project, was about $550. We bought two five-gallon buckets of paint (but only used one and a half) and one gallon of our accent color, plus all the roller covers, drop cloths etc..

What a difference a fresh coat of paint makes!

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