Monday, February 23, 2015

How to Paint a Brick and Stucco Fireplace

One of the coolest features of our house is the double-sided fireplace. It's in the middle of our living area and divides the space into two parts. The kitchen and family room are on one side, and the dinning room and sitting room are on the other.

This is what the fireplace looked like before we painted it. It had red brick and the stucco was a faint yellow color...eeek! (There was also a built-in wet bar, which I could hardly wait to get rid of!)

My mom is a very talented painter and she showed me how to paint the brick in such a way that it looks white-washed (where you can still see bits of the red color coming though). First, you prep the brick by brushing over it with a stiff brush or broom to get any dirt off. Then you take a dry paint brush and paint the mortar in between the bricks. Next, when you paint the face of the bricks, you immediately wipe off some of the extra paint with a clean, dry cloth.

It's a little time-consuming but so worth it! Depending on how you wipe the paint off, each brick will look a little different which makes it look varied and so much better! Sometimes you wipe one direction, the next time another, sometimes you just blot them.

The fireplace screens were brass and outdated so I used Rust-Oleum Specialty Spray Paint for high heat surfaces. You can buy it at Home Depot for $4 a can.

The fireplace is the focal-point of our house and now is so worthy to be gazed at! I love the results!


  1. Chelsie,
    I really enjoyed working with you on your fireplace project. You did a great job and encouraged me to "whitewash" mine!!

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