Monday, February 16, 2015

Reclaimed Barn Wood Gate

Some dear friends of mine, asked me to built them a custom gate for their front courtyard after seeing one that I had recently built for our house. I was so excited to get started! First, we went down to Porter Barn Wood, which if you live in the Phoenix-area, it's one of the best/coolest places to buy reclaimed wood for DIY projects. They pretty much go all over the country (mostly in the mid-west I think) and tare down old barns and bring the wood back to Phoenix for people like me to drool over and buy. Love them!

Using a table saw, I cut all the pieces down to size. Porter Barn Wood had done some preliminary cuts in order for the wood to fit into the SUV, but after doing some careful measuring, I made the final cuts at home.

I nailed everything together with a nail gun, then predrilled some holes for screws to make it stronger.

The wood was so beautiful that we didn't want to stain or paint it. To hang it we bought some 4x4s that were treated to be outside, and bolted them to the existing walls of the courtyard.

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