Friday, April 3, 2015

Bathroom Remodel Part 2: Bathtub and Tile Work

After replacing the bathroom vanity, counter and sink (which you can read about here) it is finally time to start the bathtub/shower remodel in our guest bathroom. Here's what it looked like before...

The tiles were a cross between light brown and yellow, we will call it ugly mustard.

From having hard water, the tub faucet was corroded to the point that water was constantly dripping out (pretty steadily) even when it was turned off. So it needed replaced ASAP.

We started by taking down all of the old tiles with a sledge hammer. We found a little mold on the old drywall behind the tiles so we took all of that down too.

We replaced the drywall with concrete board which is designed for high moisture areas. We also replaced the bathtub, but it was really tricky getting the plumbing to line up because was got a deeper tub than the previous one, so I didn't take a photo. But we cannot thank my dad enough for helping us get the plumbing right!

Then, we painted on two layers of AquaDefense by Mapei with a roller and brush. We covered the seams with tape and more AquaDefense as well.

It's a pretty cool product, goes on blue then turns green when it's dry. It adds another layer of protection from water and moisture.

We wanted storage for shampoo, conditioner etc. so we decided to add a Redi Niche. It's really easy to install and comes ready to tile.

Next, I began the tedious project of installing the tiles. We went with a white 3x6 in subway tile, and 1/8th of an inch spacers.

Then we used a charcoal grout by MAPEI Flexcolor. It has a sealer built in so you never have to seal your grout...yay! Easy maintenance.

We didn't plan ahead and use a drop cloth or plastic to catch all the mess that comes along with grouting, so cleanup was back aching. I would highly suggest putting something down to preserve your tub/floors.

We are very pleased with the final results!

Have you attempted a tile project? How did it go? Leave me a comment. :)


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