Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Kitchen Tile Backsplash

As we are slowly chipping away at projects, our house is slowly getting closer to being finished. Well updated... is it really every finished? Not if you're someone like me who likes to change things :) This past weekend we finally got around to installing our kitchen backsplash. I say finally because we had leftover white subway tiles from our bathroom remodel....

And we had leftover thin set as well, so this project costed around $60 and most of that was spent on replacing the outdated almond-colored electrical outlets to shiny bright white ones. We decided to try a herringbone design, and I'm so glad we did! Here's just after the first few tiles were up.

This pattern uses a lot of 45 degree cuts, so measuring and cutting carefully is really important! I came across some really good instructions of installing this pattern here

Instead of spreading the thin set all over the walls then placing the tiles, we "buttered" each tile. This helped with the mess, it was much easier! We also put down paint paper to protect the countertops.

Behind the stove we attached a small piece of wood as a guide between the two countertops so that our tiles would continue in a straight line. With this pattern, it's really important to keep everything consistent. If one tile is slightly off, it will through off everything after it.

One thing I should mention, is that we decided to remove our microwave that hung over the stove. We will replace it with a hood so we wanted to tile all the way up.

Day two, my husband and I were both covered in bits of tile splatter from the wet saw. I think I may have ate some.

After the tiles set for 24 hours, it was time for grout. I happened to come across some light grey grout at Lowes that was being discontinued so I got it for $5! The grout lightens as it dries so don't worry if it looks dark when you apply it.

The next morning after the grout was dry, I placed painters tape along the counter and caulked with white, silicone kitchen and bath caulk.

Right after you smooth the caulk, you want to removed the tape before it dries.

Now, we just have to replace our old appliances, and the light fixtures in this room and it will be DONE!


We did finally get around to replacing our old appliances and updating the lighting in here so I wanted to post a more recent photo...or two :)

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