Monday, August 10, 2015

Reupholstering A Rocking Chair

As we are planning for the arrival of our second baby, we have started working on the room that will be the nursery. My husband and I came across this great old chair at a garage sale.

It's sturdy and in pretty good shape, and had been freshly upholstered. But the fabric was yellow and pink - not going to work for a boys nursery. Time to reupholster!

Since the old fabric was light in color, and the new fabric I choose was dark, I decided to go right overtop. First, I removed the duster on the bottom, exposing the bottom seams. I pulled back the fabric here in order to attach the new fabric on the cushion and back.

Next, I removed the trim. I probably could have skipped this step because the new trim I got was wider, but I wanted a really polished look so I took the extra time to remove it.

Then I cut my new fabric to size, stretched it smooth and stapled the edges. I used an all purpose spray adhesive underneith to hold the fabric in place.

Next I cut off the extra fabric on the edges as close to the wood as possible.

Here's how it looked after all the edges were cut, before I added the trim.

Using my hot glue gun, I slowly added the trim all around the edges covering all the staples.

We decided to leave the wood natural even though it has scratches, I like the "lived-in" look.

This chair is going to look great in our rustic nursery! I'll post more pics of the room's progress soon. We have some big plans for it.

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