Monday, March 7, 2016

Peony Wall Mural

After having the beautiful Birch Tree mural painted in our son's nursery, I wanted to add a mural to our daughter's room too, her room felt a little bare.  Since my mother is a very talented artist, I'm able to have her help with projects and they always turn out beautifully. 

I wanted some abstract-looking Peony flowers because Peonies are my absolute favorite! (Her bedspread also has the flower on it.)

She started painting in the upper right corner of the room. The idea was to create different sized flowers that flow from one side of the room to the other.

We used three different colors (Watermelon Slice, Old Flame, and Burning Coals) and allowed them to blend together while they were still wet to create different shades as well.

Here's Willa inspecting Grandma's work.

After allowing the flowers to dry overnight, we went back and added the white shading to show some light and dimension. Then, we added the leafy stems using a dark grey shade of paint that we just mixed together at home.

I love, Love, LOVE it! If you live in the Phoenix-area and would like a mural painted in your home or business, you should consider my mom! You can check out her other work on her website

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