Monday, April 18, 2016

Custom Wine Fridge Cabinet DIY

When we bought our house, our realtor got us this really nice (32+ bottle) wine fridge as a housewarming gift (I know, how lucky?!) The only problem was finding a place to put it. When we remodeled our kitchen, there really wasn't room in the existing cabinet layout. We moved the wine fridge from room to room, until finally deciding to build a custom cabinet for it so that it would tie into the kitchen.

Using 3/4inch hardwood plywood from Homedepot, I ripped down the three side pieces using my table saw and the back support pieces as well.

Next, with the Kreg Jig, I drilled pocket holes on the back support boards.

After clamping the sides and back piece together, I drilled the pocket holes with 1 1/4in pocket hole screws.

For extra support, I also added some wood glue on all the seams before drilling.

Next, I added the two smaller back pieces that would create a small shelf area.

After adding the outside board (far right) to close in the shelf area, I laid out my Select Pine boards that would be the facing. I used two different sizes here. 3in X 1in along the top and bottom of the cabinet and between the two shelves, and 2in X 1in for the horizontal pieces of the facing.

Then, I ripped down two, one-inch strips of wood to secure my shelf to.

Using some wood glue and my nail gun, I attached the facing and nailed the shelves in place.

Then, I put the cabinet in place to make sure the wine fridge fit correctly (It did, thank God!)

We had some left over quartz countertop from our kitchen remodel that we had been saving, and it was just enough for this cabinet. We cut it to size (using a diamond saw blade and water), and used some epoxy to glue a strip of quartz to the side of the slab to create the overhang. Then, we used wet polish diamond pads to polish the edges and hide the seam.  We progressivly polished the quartz starting with 100 grit, then 200, 400, 500, 800 and 1500 and lots of water to keep it from burning.

I added breadboard to the sides of the cabinet and painted it with the same paint that we used when we painted our kitchen cabinets.

I love finally having a place for this wine fridge! And the extra counter space is nice too! We plan to add some open shelving above it sometime soon hopefully!


We did finally get around to adding those floating shelves...


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  3. Hi Chelsie, great job on this. I have just bought a wine cooler like yours. DO you have any plans for this?

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