Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Custom Shutters for Boho Farm

My sweet friend, Caroline, of Boho Farm and Home, asked me to make her some shutters for the carriage house behind their new downtown home. I was eager to get started! She drew up the design and sent me on my way with a pile of wood. Finding the uninterrupted time to work on these was the hardest part of this project!
These came together pretty easily once I was able to sneak away from my Littles. (It took three days of nap-time to complete)

I started by cutting the boards to length, then using my Kreg Jig drilled the pocket holes on the long pieces of wood. (The thickness of the wood was 3/4 inch so I used 1 1/4 inch screws)

I attached the pieces together with wood glue and the pocket screws. I used clamps to hold the pieces together to ensure that the boards lined up smoothly and were flush.

Next, I added the center horizontal board the same way with the pocket screws and glue.

Then I attached the tongue and groove boards with my nail gun and more wood glue to the back of the frames.

Finally I went over the whole thing with my electric sander. Then, I just repeated the whole process three more times for a total of four shutters.

Caroline decided on a fun light green paint color to play off of the other shades of green on the garage door and her main house. I painted the shutters with two coats of paint.

Here they are all hung up with her awesome hardware added! I love how these turned out!

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