Monday, January 30, 2017

House Fire

As some of you know, on December 10th we had a house fire that was started by ashes from an outdoor fire pit. It was scary, hectic and heart-breaking. If you've been reading my blog for any amount of time, you might have seen that we had just finished painting our house exterior in October.
So standing on the sidewalk watching the firemen put out the fire on our freshly painted house was very emotional.

Thank the Lord, that everyone was safe and got out of the house (We had houseguests staying with us at the time of the fire too. They might think twice before asking to stay with us again...Ha!) We were also very thankful that our neighbor who saw the smoke and flames came and banged on our door, or the fire could have spread to a point that wouldn't have been as easily put out. The extent of the damage was contained to our garage, roof, and master bedroom and bathroom which sits behind the garage.

The living areas and kids rooms were not damaged- they just had some smoke damage.
We were overwhelmed by family and friends who offered places for us to stay, meals, prayers, love and support. This past weekend, we moved back into the house! The construction is still going on, but we have an extra bedroom next to the kids' rooms where we are staying for now until our room is finished. So I thought I would share some photos of the house as of today:

Roof Progress

Master Bedroom and Bathroom

Hopefully by tomorrow afternoon, more progress will be made as well. Every day we get closer. I will continue posting updates as well. I have some really exciting plans for the new bathroom! Hint: Clawfoot Tub :)


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