Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Summer Home Tour

We've made so many changes to our home in the last couple years, I thought it would be fun to document our home in it's current state. 

Come, take a tour of our home along with me...

When you walk into our home, you can go to the left into our master bedroom and bathroom or you can turn right and go into the kitchen or dining room. Here is our kitchen and breakfast nook. We painted the cabinets and replaced all the countertops, sink, and appliances.

I love the warmth of the butcher block countertops on the island, and the pop of blue from the rug is a fun way to add some color into the otherwise muted color scheme.

Here's another angle from the family room, looking into the kitchen. You can read all about how we painted the cabinets as well as colors here

Second to the kitchen, our family room is where we spend a lot of our time. When we bought the house, the wall where the TV is hanging was open to the hallway behind it with some very 70's looking wooden spindles. 

This year, we updated the fireplace which changed the whole feel of this space. We are so happy we did it!

The double-sided fireplace is in the center of the house and divides the space into two areas. On the other side of the fireplace is our sitting room.

The exposed beams in the house are one of the things that we liked most about it. 

One of my first big wood-working projects was building this built-in shelving. I think I'd still like to add some crown molding to the top...(it never really ends, does it?!)

Our master bedroom and bathroom remodel is the most recent update to our home. After the house fire in December 2016, we completely gutted and rebuilt this space. 

All the details including colors and sources for our bedroom can be found here

The bathroom is one of my favorite rooms in the house! Its so bright and airy.

You can read all about the transformation and see before pictures and sources here

Do you all love sliding doors as much as I do? I think we have three in our house now and they all happen to be blue.

Things are always changing around here! I am always being inspired and seeing new ideas of things I want to try in my own home. It's so fun to wake up to a room that has been rearranged and it's exciting! Thanks for stopping by! Please come back soon. 

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