Thursday, June 20, 2019

Bathroom Facelift X2

The same clients that we did an update to their fireplaces, also asked us to remodel a full bathroom and half bath in their second home here in Phoenix.

Here's the bathroom before the demo:

The cabinets were beautiful solid wood and in good condition so we decided to keep them and just replace the countertops, sinks, faucets, etc.

The shower and toilet have their own room for privacy, making this kids bathroom nice to share. The door took up a lot of space in the room so we removed it and replaced it with a sliding barn door.

The wall between the shower and toilet made the room feel small and dark. We removed the wall and made the shower all glass to let the natural light come in.

Here are some process shots, in order to take down this wall between the shower and toilet, we needed to relocated the plumbing and shower head to the opposite wall.

Toilet stayed in the same location, just updated it will a new, energy efficient one.


The quartz countertops completely changed the look of this room! We also added an elongated subway tile on the wall behind the mirrors - all the way to the ceiling to draw your eye up.

The oil rubbed bronze faucets and pivoting mirror complete the look. We opted for a chrome finished light fixtures to mix things up and not be too matchy-matchy.

Here you can see the beautiful white subway tile complete with the frame-less glass shower and sliding door. Finishes in oil rubbed bronze.

From this angle you can see how making the shower all glass the room feel more open and brighter. The sliding barn door gives more room as well.

- - - - - - - 

As for the second bathroom, the half bath - We didn't have room to make the room any larger and it doesn't really need to be. We just wanted to update everything and give it a clean, fresh look.

The pedestal sink worked fine in the space but we wanted to replace it with a slightly larger one.

Again, with the toilet we wanted to replace it and add more storage above it.

We did a subway tile on the lower half of all four walls, then I installed this beautiful wallpaper on the wall that the sink and mirror would be on. It adds an interesting focal point for the small room.

Next the new sink, faucet and mirror were added. We opted for all chrome in this room.

A closer look at the wallpaper.

The light fixtures in this room are oil rubbed bronze to mix things up.

Behind the toilet, we added this wall cabinet for additional storage space. 

Since it was a small space, we decided to change the door into a sliding barn door.

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