Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Fall Wreath

Each year I anticipate the arrival of fall more than any other season. I think it's because in the desert, it seems like fall will never come and when it finally does, that means the most beautiful months of weather are in front of us. We have gorgeous winter months here in Phoenix.

I decided to start planning my fall front door decor even though I won't be putting it out for several weeks yet. First, I think of the wreath. It's one of the first parts of your home that guests see when the come to your home. It sets the tone for the rest of the house.

My friend, Maria, has this gorgeous fall wreath that I envy every time I visit her lovely home in Columbus, Ohio. It was my inspiration for this project. 

 First, I started with this twig wreath from Hobby Lobby.

Next, I attached some faux pine tree branches with Pine combs. I used some floral wire to attach them. You can get this at most craft stores.

Then, using my hot glue gun, I added various leaves in golden amber and gold tones. Some of these are faux, some are real and dried to add some scent. 

Then, I added these little beads by wrapping the wire around some branches of the pine needles.

Finally, flipping the weather over, I added these red, dried, eucalyptus stems. They also add a beautiful fragrance.

Here's the finished result. I love it! It's not exactly like my friends but I'm pleased with the way it turned out. All of the supplies were purchased at Hobby Lobby for less than $50. 

Looking forward to putting this beauty out soon! 

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